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The Joy of Napping


I love to nap on my days off and tell my patients about this joy. When we share pieces of ourselves, we can connect more deeply as human beings. 




Now my summer’s over,

After lunch in winter

I do as dogs do all day.

I nap.

On the way to napping,

I ponder what I’ve seen,

Sometimes scribble a word or two,

And when I wake

I’m in my early autumn

Where I harvest what I see.

Then I write.

Winter into autumn

Puts my husbandry out of order

But my husbandry today

Finds me happily astray

From the doctoring season to season…

Expectant hope each patient’s reason,

Trusting in my fund of facts and carings…

I offered without pause to find my bearings.

Astray, where coming off a snooze

I go to words, to ripen, and then I garner

Thoughts on which I find myself a farmer,

Thoughts I sewed before I dropped my brow

Thoughts I celebrate, right here and now.  


I share with my patients on days off I take naps for my well-being. Napping can enhance day-to-day life for some people. When doctors share pieces of themselves with their patients, such as the benefit of naps, the message that we are all human gets communicated.









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