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What’s a question you’ve asked to assess the well-being of patients during the pandemic?

How are you sleeping?


How are you sleeping? How are you keeping yourself safe and whole? What can I do to support you?

Connecting with Patients | July 31, 2020 | <1 min read


Colleen Christmas, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine

To open conversations about the stress of the viral pandemic and the pandemic of racism, I usually open with, “Wow, these are some tough times and many of us are struggling to process everything. How are you handling the stress of everything going on right now? How are you keeping yourself safe and whole?”

Rachel Salas, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine

How are you sleeping?

What do you think?

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Lisa Cooper, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine

These are challenging times. How are you and your loved ones managing? How can I support you?

David Cohen, MD, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center

How have the last few months interfered with your ability to achieve maximum mental, emotional, psychological, & physical health?

Carl Streed Jr., MD, MPH, Boston Medical Center

My patients almost universally ask how I’m doing and I’m open with them. This often prompts them to be more open with me.

Vishal Punwani, MD, Harvard University

Are you managing to exercise?