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Happy Fall! How will you advise patients to safely maintain social connections as they move indoors?

"It's important to bundle up and get outside with others." -Dr. Shannon Scott-Vernaglia, Mass General. Long Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine.


Bundle up and get outside with social pods and schedule standing cooking/baking/eating Zoom dates with friends and family.

Lifelong Learning in Clinical Excellence | September 25, 2020 | <1 min read


Chase Anderson, MD, UCSF

Online group chats!

Being connected with my college friends through those chats got me through medical school.

Mariah Robertson, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins Medicine

For our #olderadult patients it’s very challenging, especially if they’re in long-term care. I tell their families to send letters, call, and set up Zoom dates. I encourage my patients to find a buddy to make a pod with and spend time together, and to avoid the news.

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Howard Liu, MD, MBA, University of New Mexico

Any way to engage with people in your pod is fantastic! From board games to cooking together, group activities in a family or household can relieve loneliness. And letters, care packages, and online games with at-risk or distant loved ones is critical for connection!

Zara Latif, MD, Boston Medical Center

Virtual fall baking sessions are always good for the soul! They’re a great way to check in with friends/ family while also baking something delicious together and maintaining social distancing.

Shannon Scott-Vernaglia, MD, Mass General

It’s still important to bundle up and get outside to play, especially for children!

Margot Kelly-Hedrick, Medical Student, Duke University

Eat a meal together virtually with family and friends!

Mike Fingerhood, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine

An outdoor walk on a chilly day is definitely encouraged. For me, the limiting factor is shorter days, with reluctance to exercise outside after dark. Maintaining social connections by phone is crucial.

Leslie Miller, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Standing Zoom calls with family and friends can keep connections going strong as the weather gets colder.