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Happy Labor Day! What’s something you’ve learned from laboring mothers about giving excellent care?

Lifelong Learning in Clinical Excellence | September 4, 2020 | <1 min read


Howard Liu, MD, University of Nebraska

That the data shows us that we can all play a part in #genderequity. Work: closing the pay gap. Home: sharing 2nd shift duties. Society: sponsoring women leaders. Parenting: encouraging girls to become #WomenInSTEM.

Chase Anderson, MD, UCSF

Sometimes they’re scared and need to tell us that.

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Flora Smyth Zahra, DRestD, Kings College London


Ambereen Mehta, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Have bravery when facing uncertainty, trust the process, and know how strong you truly are.

Margaret Chisolm, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine

It’s a cliche but so true: You forget the pains & focus instead on all the gains.

Good life lesson for clinicians & patients alike.

Megan Gerber, MD, MPH, Boston University Medical Center

#Midwife in French means “sage femme” (wise woman) . . . Labor still holds many mysteries & women are the ultimate experts on their bodies #WomensHealth #reproductivehealth

Mariah Robertson, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine

The hard parts come in waves. You can fight them or you can let them wash over you and recognize there will be peace in between the challenges; they always pass. Each wave you overcome is one fewer you must endure. Each wave shows you how strong you are. You can do hard things.

Irene Mestores, MD, University of Florida

It’s all worth it in the end!