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If you had time for a second job, what would you feel passionately about doing?


Teaching sex ed, training horses, being a backcountry ski guide . . .

Lifelong Learning in Clinical Excellence | November 1, 2019 | <1 min read


Leslie Ordal, CGC, University of Toronto

Train horses for and run a therapeutic riding centre for individuals with disabilities.

Kimberly Manning, MD, Emory University

I would be a professional fundraiser for great causes. Most of my community-based servant leadership is in that area. Nothing is better than handing a big check over to a deserving organization. And, as a middle child, I’m good at directly asking for what I want.

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Peter Edmonds, MD, Vanderbilt University

If I weren’t @VUMCMedicineResI would write children’s books!

Shannon Scott-Vernaglia, MD, Mass General

Children’s party planner/designer!

Alessandra Colaianni, MD, Massachusetts

Parody songwriter! (Is that a job? Where do I apply?)

Dan Kats, Medical Student, Case Western

Middle school math teacher! (And part time health/sex ed teacher.)

Carl Streed Jr, MD, MPH, Boston Medical Center

I’d say politics, but I’m already in politics (Medicine). So I’d likely be a cocktail bar owner and/or co-owner of a cat sanctuary with @chadruba

Mariah Robertson, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Hands down: personal trainer/fitness instructor for older adults specifically! I love pushing the boundaries of what we think older adults can accomplish! And I love coaching :).

Colleen Christmas, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Foster or adopt a bunch of kids!

Rajani Surendar Bhat, MD

A friend in technology runs #FunArtNotFineArt workshops on weekends. I’d love to do that. My 2nd job would give me & those attending the workshops the safe space to bring child-like joy in expression/colour, beauty with a touch of the ridiculous, into busy, structured lives.

Scott Wright, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Second job: Food critic and reviewer

Third job: Mountain guide at a ski resort Out West or in Europe

Fourth job: Pet therapist with my amazing dog Lucy