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What was your favorite book/movie/show that you enjoyed over the holidays?

Lifelong Learning in Clinical Excellence | January 8, 2021 | <1 min read


Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos, Johns Hopkins Medicine

“The Queen’s Gambit”

Adam Koenig, HIV Counselor

“Soul” on Disney+ and “Knives Out” were good!

What do you think?

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@amigurumedic, med student

I rewatched “Band of Brothers” for the first time since high school.

Dr. Colleen Christmas, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Ooh! I have the last episode of “Queen’s Gambit” to go. No spoilers!

Dr. Ambereen Mehta, Johns Hopkins Medicine

#BookofJoy, #SylviesLove, and @SchittsCreek!

Dr. Mariah Robertson, Johns Hopkins Medicine

I read “The Midnight Library” by @matthaig1 and it was lovely! I recommend it and so does @DollyParton.


Dr. Margaret Chisolm, Johns Hopkins Medicine

“Dirt” by @bill_buford about French cooking and SO much more. Apprenticeship method’s downsides (harassment, bullying) and upsides will resonate with medical trainees, if you need a connection to that world.

Next up “Heat,” @bill_buford‘s Italian cooking foray.

Dr. Shannon Scott-Vernaglia, Mass General

I loved #RatatouilleMusical. Light and positive and brought a lot of joy!

Jill Horan, Patient/Family Advocate, Mass General

Loved “Bridgeton!” “Sanditon” is also great. “Queens Gambit” is excellent as well!

Dr. Megan Gerber

“Dare To Lead” by @BreneBrown.

I also finished my #pandemic binge of @CallTheMidwife1 with the Season 10 special.

Dr. Jeff Millstein, Penn Medicine

“Your Honor” with Brian Cranston.

Dr. Mark Taubert, Cardiff University, UK

Rereading Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books, including “The Valley Of Fear.”

Kelly Rodenburg

“The Girl with the Louding Voice” @abidare_author and “Station Eleven” @EmilyMandelare two I just read. Anything by @ChrisBohjalian, @Rumaan, or@ANNELAMOTT.

Dr. Alyson Smith, Midwestern University

My five year old and I found Disney’s “Moana” for the first time . . . and the second . . . and the fifth. A gorgeous movie with a determined young girl. Love!

Michelle Gyenes, med student, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

“Bending the Arc!” A fascinating look at a global health approach to the TB and HIV epidemics by @PIH founders Dr. Paul Farmer and Ophelia Dahl and former @WorldBank president @Jimyongkim732 . Innovative and inspiring (and thanks for the recommendation @AaronLBerkowitz!) @BTAfilm

Dr. Irene Mestores

“Inside Out” and “Soul,” on Disney+.