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What’s a lesson you’ve learned from veterans or the military that’s relevant to healthcare? #VeteransDay


“The wounds we don’t see are sometimes the most serious, and the pain that’s so difficult to express is often the worst.”-Dr. Eric Last, Wantagh, New York

Lifelong Learning in Clinical Excellence | November 12, 2021 | <1 min read


Dr. Eric Last, Wantagh, New York

In thinking about veterans I’ve been honored to care for, I’ve realized the wounds we don’t see are often the most serious, and the pain that’s so difficult to express is often the worst.

Dr. David Kopacz, University of Washington

Service is a lifelong commitment. The pain of war is a lifelong burden which can be made lighter through continued service, not just to country, but to all of humanity.

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Dr. Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, University of Texas

My grandfather was a WWII vet and father of 13 who stressed education for his kids. He had a stroke when I was in college. I ultimately found my calling to be a Neuro Rehab specialist to help those like him.

Dr. Howard Liu, University of New Mexico

I was inspired to become a psychiatrist by my rotation at a VA Hospital. The privilege of hearing the stories of veterans who were in an intensive outpatient addiction program made me want to do more. Now, as a chair of psychiatry, I appreciate the veterans on our team!

Maureen Flood, NP, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Teamwork is intentional commitment to each other.

Dr. Richard Schaefer, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Be flexible. It can be gratifying to care for patients wherever you might be needed, from a tent in Afghanistan to a sterile operating room at Walter Reed.