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What’s a skill you felt confident in and later realized you had much more to learn?


Communication, listening, and patient education, just to name a few.

Lifelong Learning in Clinical Excellence | July 22, 2022 | <1 min read


Dr. Charlotte Squires, United Kingdom

Communication. Being naturally empathetic goes a long way, there are also specific skills you need to cultivate in addition to being kind in order to be a really clear, skilled clinical communicator.

Dr. Aline Charabaty, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Bringing people together. Now I know there are different ways of doing it, different paces, settings, styles, depending on the goals for coming together.

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Dr. Mariah Robertson, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Goals of care conversations and overall discussions of what matters the most to people.

Dr. Eric Last, Northwell Health

Practicing medicine. Every day I realize how much more there is to know.

Dr. Carl Streed Jr., Boston Medical Center

I’ve never felt confident.

Dr. Elizabeth Gundersen, Florida Atlantic University

Serious illness conversations. Thought I was good at it as a hospitalist and then did my #hapc fellowship and realized how many opportunities I missed. I’m definitely still learning!

Dr. Jeff Millstein, Penn Millstein

I used to think I was well organized . . . until I met my wife!

Dr. Scott Wright, Johns Hopkins

Patient education, particularly tailoring it to the specific needs of the individual patient.

Dr. Colleen Christmas, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Coaching for behavior change.

Dr. Mark Shapiro

Communication skills.

Dr. Helena Filipe

The ability to truly listen.