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What’s something that initially seemed like a hardship that now you’re grateful for?


Being an older med student, growing up in a racially divided city, being gay…

Lifelong Learning in Clinical Excellence | November 15, 2019 | <1 min read


Michelle Gyenes, MS, Columbia Mailman School of Public Health

Although 26 isn’t really too late to start medical school, it felt challenging to come from a non “hard science” background compared to peers who completed their BSc’s! But I wouldn’t trade my public health experience for anything.

Mariah Robertson, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Being an older medical student & coming to medicine after years in a completely different discipline felt hard. I had to learn how to study again as an adult learner. But the perspective I brought from life experience has made up for that initial perceived hardship.

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Carl Streed Jr, MD, MPH, Boston Medical Center

I used to think being gay was a hardship/curse, which I belive was partly due to my Catholic upbringing, but now I know my gay identity is a remarkable lens through which to create change in the world. #professionalgay #gaydoctor

Juliette Perzhinsky, MD, Central Michigan College of Medicine

I initially thought growing up in the formerly racially divided city of Detroit was a hardship. But now I’m grateful for growing up with friends from different ethnic groups, races, and creeds, including many immigrants.

Panagis Galiatsatos, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Giving and receiving feedback. Talking to peers and mentors sharing my thoughts always felt difficult. Now I recognize it helps me continue to be the best that I can.