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Happy Full Snow Moon! It’s been frigid in many parts of the country lately. How do you embrace the cold?


Skiing, hiking, ice climbing . . . bundle up and enjoy the lengthening days!

Passion in the Medical Profession | February 26, 2021 | <1 min read


Dr. Margaret Chisolm, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Hiking. With_Lots_of_Layers. Over_Many_Hills. It warms me up in no time.

Dr. Eric Last, Wantagh, New York

This is the cold time of winter I embrace. Although the temps are still low, the days are noticeably longer. Brighter. Teasing, promising the warmth to come. Reminding us that day follows night, cold yields to warmth.

What do you think?

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Dr. Juliette Perzhinsky, University of Michigan

Via the warmth of a fluffy hat, coat, and gloves. And the fact that the cold is only temporary.

Dr. Ambereen Mehta, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Taking on new challenges like running in the snow, no matter how short or long the run is!

Dr. J. John

Candles. Sweaters. Board games. Books. Walks in the snow.

Dr. Claire Crawford, Texas Children's Hospital

I stay inside and snuggle my kitties by the fire.

Dr. Aline Charabaty, Johns Hopkins Medicine

I love watching the snow fall with a cup of tea and good book. But I’m thinking about all who are in Texas without heat and water, and wondering how can this happen in this country?!

Dr. Elizabeth Gundersen, Florida Atlantic University

I moved to south Florida so I guess I didn’t embrace it fully! But when I lived in the northeast I took up ice climbing and skiing. Sort of a “if you can’t beat the cold, join it” strategy.