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How are you celebrating special occasions like Mother’s Day in this time of physical distancing?

Lupines and peonies.


Family Zooms, sending flowers, and mailing handwritten cards.

Passion in the Medical Profession | May 8, 2020 | <1 min read


Carl Streed Jr., MD, Boston Medical Center

As a perpetual “horrible son” (as my Spanish host family once said as I only called my mom once a week while studying abroad), I’m celebrating the same way—sending flowers and mailing a gift card with a handwritten note.

Leslie Ordal, GCG, Toronto, Ontario

Well it happens to be my birthday today, so FaceTiming with a couple of folks, and the usual barrage of “happy birthday!” messages thanks to Facebook reminding everyone. Dinner at home instead of my fave Mexican restaurant.

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Mariah Robertson, MD, Johns Hopkins

My mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day are always either on the same day or nearly the same day. We take time to remember her as a family and to honor her impact through pictures and stories. I am the mother I am because of her influence.

Colleen Christmas, MD, Johns Hopkins

I’ll be spending it gowned and masked on the COVID unit, hopefully teaching my kids that the meaning of life is found in a commitment beyond oneself. And most days of the year are Mother’s Day to me anyhow. I’m one lucky momma.

Maddie Rodriguez, Johns Hopkins

Lots of Zoom/FaceTime/Google Hangouts and good old fashioned phone calls to all the moms I know in Texas. If distance makes the heart grow fonder, mine’s awfully fond.

Kat Jong, MD, University of Washington

Zooming with my mom and my sister!

Shannon Scott-Vernaglia, MD, Mass General

Hoping for nice weather and plan to sit outside six feet away from my mom in the yard under the crab apple blossoms. Missing hugging her but so grateful she lives nearby and is healthy.

Elizabeth Gundersen, MD, Florida Atlantic University

I’m celebrating by focusing on the small & simple things. Instead of dinner out, treating myself by taking the time to cook something I’ve always wanted to but never have. Leaving love notes around the house for my husband. Telling my mom why she’s special.