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How are you encouraging patients to keep up with their health maintenance during the pandemic?

"I emphasize the importance of physical activity." -Dr. Sarah Clever, Johns Hopkins Medicine


“I emphasize the importance of physical activity.” -Dr. Sarah Clever, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Passion in the Medical Profession | January 29, 2021 | <1 min read


Dr. Sarah Temkin, Baltimore, Maryland

Encouraging patients to get their #HPVvaccine, which is cancer prevention!  @IamCervivor @tamikafelder #gyncsm

Dr. Chase Anderson, UCSF

Encouraging everyone to see a therapist during this challenging time.

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Dr. Sacharitha Bowers

Keep wearing sunscreen!

Dr. Mariah Robertson, Johns Hopkins Medicine

As a #geriatrician I have goal-directed discussions about health maintenance that balances time to benefit and prognosis and what we would do with the information we learn from screening. But especially important right now is screening for fall risk, depression, loneliness, and dementia.

Dr. Richard Safeer, Johns Hopkins Medicine

I see kids with lipid disorders. In addition to asking about exercise and nutrition, I ask about screen time and stress. Lots of challenges for kids these days!

Dr. Flora Smyth Zahra, King's College, London

Explaining to younger patients particularly, the link between HPV, throat and oral cancers, and encouraging them to have regular oral health screening.

Dr. Sarah Clever, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Any chance I get, and particularly when discussing cancer screening, I emphasize the importance of physical activity. That way they can prevent cancer, not just find it early.

Dr. Jeff Millstein, Penn Medicine

Working as dyad with my medical assistant to address health maintenance each visit so I’m not defaulting to “checkbox” care. This frees me to be available for whatever my patient needs.

Dr. Eric Last

The burden is on us to remind folks at every visit that health maintenance doesn’t stop because of COVID.