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What made you laugh or smile this week?


Guaranteed laughter—dog Zoom-bombs!

Passion in the Medical Profession | May 1, 2020 | <1 min read


Dr. Jeffrey Millstein, Penn Medicine

All of the hilarious introduction GIFs at the start of our last primary care chat!

Dr. Carl Streed Jr., Boston Medical Center

Smile: celebrated our one year wedding anniversary with @chadruba (married during spring snow storm @UChicago; celebrating anniversary during #pandemic)

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Scott Wright, MD, Executive Editor

“The Liar Tweets Tonight” made me laugh and sing!



Maddie Rodriguez, MD, Johns Hopkins

GIMboree (our GIM journal club) via Zoom!

Zainab, MD, Johns Hopkins

A thank you card from my department.

Jess Colburn, MD, Johns Hopkins

My 10 year-old twins created a TV show series they named “Will it float?” inspired by their science experiment homework on buoyancy. They are such characters in it, and the Coca-Cola bottle as a microphone really hits the mark. #thankfulforteachers #sciencerocks

Deborah Freeland, MD, Johns Hopkins

Zoom GIMboree! We learned about vulnerable populations during this pandemic, highs/lows of telemedicine, and what’s like to be a PCP in Gallup for the Indian Health Service. Fantastic to be together virtually—now I know a cameo from TX is possible!

Irene Mestores, MD, University of Florida

Brad Pitt as Anthony Fauci on SNL and his heartfelt thanks to healthcare workers.

Elizabeth Gundersen, MD, Florida Atlantic University

Being on a webex where one person’s dog started barking . . . and then someone else’s . . . and someone else’s . . . and then cats started meowing. It was a total breakdown and I loved it.