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During this time of Judeo-Christian observances, what informs your sense of hope?


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Lifelong Learning in Clinical Excellence | April 19, 2019 | <1 min read


Samuel C. Durso, MD, MBA, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Jewish faith puts the ability and responsibility for tikun olam, repair of the world, into human hands – guided to be sure – by God-given inspiration. Our job is, and an unsentimental survey of human history supports, that despite uneven progress, we are making headway in reducing world poverty, disease, and war. I am hopeful.

Panagis Galiatsatos, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Being of Greek Orthodox faith, I am reminded of my years growing up going to church on both Good Friday and Holy Saturday, in which hundreds of Greek immigrants and Greek-Americans celebrate a tradition that has been ongoing for 2000 years. It’s striking how everyone unites, embraces tradition, and demonstrates the power of the human spirit and faith in something greater than themselves. These notions often parallel how I feel about medicine, its traditions and practices, and the belief that, collectively, we are all pursuing something greater than ourselves.

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Mike Fingerhood, MD Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday – the theme of maintaining hope against overwhelming adversity is central to the story told at the seder. It inspires and gives hope to the eternal fight for freedom and justice. I also love matzoh ball soup!

Scott Wright, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Holidays represent tradition for me, and create structure for prioritizing family get togethers and reconnecting with loved ones. These regular reminders, that I am part of a bigger family that is situated within and across communities (and countries), have always given me hope that the future will be bright.

Elizabeth Gundersen, MD, Florida Atlantic University

As a Catholic, Holy Week and Easter are enormously meaningful to me. I’ve always loved Holy Thursday, when (among other things) Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. I find the humility in that simple act to be so beautiful. It inspires me to serve others and gives me hope.

Juliette Perzhinsky, MD ‏

Intentional prayer is part of my faith, providing a sense of peace. There is so much more to this life than I have the capacity to fully understand.