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How are you thinking about the pandemic, and what are you advising others?


Advice from clinicians includes addressing patients’ anxiety proactively and practicing self-care, including escaping to fun movies like “Ford v Farrari.”

Lifelong Learning in Clinical Excellence | March 20, 2020 | <1 min read


Mariah Robertson, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins Medicine

All of my patients are in the high risk group. I’m advising them to stay home and limit in-person interactions but to think about who their network is. Who can check on them daily? Who can they check on? Reminding them to think about what matters most as they plan.

Jeff Millstein, MD, Penn Med

Anxiety has always been a common part of my patients problem lists, and now it is universal. I’m trying to remember to address this, even the patient doesn’t bring it up on their own.

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Colleen Christmas, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine

I’m trying to be proactive in anticipation of what my patients, colleagues, and family will need to get through this safely, because the greatest tool we have is our common humanity.

Margaret Chisolm, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine

I’m advising all healthcare professionals to remember our own self-care. I highly recommend watching an escapist movie like @FordvFerrari or @LittleWomen before bedtime rather than reading more updates about COVID19 (that can wait until tomorrow)!

Shannon Scott-Vernaglia, MD, Mass General

Take care of your teams. We can’t take care of patients if we don’t take care of each other. Host video chats to see each other, connect, and #ShareUncertainty. It doesn’t feel as scary when you know you’re not alone.