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If you were to launch a new charity or non-profit, what would the focus be?

Dr. Charabaty would train women around the world for high-paying jobs, like being a welder.


“My non-profit would work to empower girls and women around the world with education and/or technical/job/trade skills.”—Dr. Aline Charabaty, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Lifelong Learning in Clinical Excellence | June 4, 2021 | <1 min read


Dr. Carl Streed Jr, Boston Medical Center

First, access to wi-fi, computers, and cellular with a focus on rural and underserved communities. This may center around community centers/libraries as hubs for wi-fi.

Second, unrestricted funds to community non-profits with very low budgets.  In particular, focusing on smaller, newer, and/or more nimble groups.

Third, a cat sanctuary!

Fourth, teaching skills to engage in democratic institutions on the local level. Like involvement in town/city hall, professional societies, and neighborhood boards.

Dr. Zeina Moukarzel, Beirut, Lebanon

I plan to re-launch my non-profit @LamsaLebanon. We advocate for #mentalhealth, and promote well-being and self-care.

It’s been too much—the pandemic, the explosion of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, and the economic crisis. We are all affected. Six months after the #BeirutBlast about three-quarters of the population had PTSD.

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Dr. Aline Charabaty, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Empower girls and women around the world with education and/or technical/job/trade skills. This would help women to be independent financially, find their voice, and carve their own path.

Dr. Eric Last, New York

I’d focus on training people with developmental disabilities for work and help fund workplaces that employ them. There’s so much need for this. Inspired by @bittyandbeaus.

Dr. Jeff Millstein, Penn Medicine

I’d create a work group to develop a patient-centric, personalized, and clinician-friendly EHR.

Dr. Laura Hanyok, Johns Hopkins Medicine

I’d want to set up a non-profit that is like the older adult version of the Peace Corps or Teach for America. People who are retired have so much to contribute to our society, and we want them to stay physically and mentally healthy as they age. Having something that’s a national effort that trains and connects retired people to opportunities to serve their communities is something I would like to see.


Margot Kelly-Hedrick, med student, Duke University

Providing housing assistance. It’s an area our society fails a lot of people.