Moving Us Closer To Osler
A Miller Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence Initiative

Getting CLOSLER: A Note to Our Readers


For two years, CLOSLER has been stimulating healthcare professionals and trainees to reflect on giving exceptional care to every patient.

Dear CLOSLER readers, contributors, and supporters:


It’s been a little over two years since we launched CLOSLER. A couple months ago, we wanted to celebrate all that we have created and accomplished together and try to expand the CLOSLER community. Needless to say, merriment and promotion did not feel right given the COVID-19 pandemic.


However, in recent weeks we’ve been receiving more notes and messages about just how important the CLOSLER content has been for people during these chaotic times—particularly with so much stress on healthcare professionals.


As such, we decided to go forward this week with our “GETTING CLOSLER?” campaign. The goal of our attempts to publicize and promote CLOSLER this week is to stimulate you to reflect on whether you are “getting CLOSLER” and to expose more people to CLOSLER’s content.


At CLOSLER, our mission is: “Stimulating healthcare professionals and trainees to reflect on giving exceptional care to every patient.” CLOSLER is free for all and we do not seek to generate any revenue from our efforts. Our content has been accessed by individuals in >130 countries and our following is steadily growing.


At the outset, we did not know whether anyone would be interested in sharing pearls and perspectives or reading about clinical excellence so that we all might grow to be a little better tomorrow with our patients than we were yesterday.  We have been thrilled by how well CLOSLER has been received and are grateful for the opportunity it has given us to interact with all of you and to have you evolve with us.


Because we love caring for patients and not marketing, you have our word that after this week when we try to expand our community, we will go back to sharing your new posts that will help us all to improve in our efforts to serve patients.


Thank you in advance for considering how you might share CLOSLER with a friend. Stay well and be safe.



Meg Chisolm & Scott Wright

CLOSLER’s Executive Editors