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How are you maintaining a sense of gratitude this Thanksgiving?


“Feeling much #gratitude for being able to maintain virtual connections with family and friends in a physically-distant world.” –Jared Rubenstein, Texas Children’s Hospital

Passion in the Medical Profession | November 20, 2020 | <1 min read


Mariah Robertson, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Each member of my family identifies one thing we’re grateful for every night at dinner. Identifying and verbalizing the MANY things we feel gratitude for helps us remember that even in difficult times we’re really fortunate.

Chase Anderson, MD, UCSF

Staying in touch with family and friends by texting.

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Howard Change, med student, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Looking back and being thankful for what I’ve received.

Carl Streed Jr, MD, Boston Medical Center

Sending long letters and cards.

Colleen Christmas, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Working, but Thanksgiving in particular always makes me pause and feel grateful to be “on the other side” in the hospital.

And my son will be home for the first time since he started college so there’s not much that could stifle my gratitude for family this year.

Jared Rubenstein, MD, Texas Children's Hospital

The normalization of video conferencing has led to an increase in video calls among my friends and family that I can’t see in person during this time of physical distancing. Feeling much #gratitude for being able to maintain those connections in a physically-distant world.

Irene Mestores, MD, University of Florida

Gratitude letter writing. Placing one in the mailbox today. Planning to send quite a few before Thanksgiving.

Ambereen Mehta, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Grateful to have time off to virtually be with loved ones. Grateful to be able to run; having a body that supports an activity that brings me mental and physical health.

Shannon Scott-Vernaglia, MD, Mass General

I’ll be spending time in the next days creating little surprise, unsigned, “I’m grateful for you” tiny gift bags that will include a “pass along the gratitude” note to encourage the recipient to do the same for another. #PassTheGratitude