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It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How has cancer, of any type, affected your life?


“I’ve learned to enjoy every day without worrying about the next.”-David Brotman, cancer survivor

Passion in the Medical Profession | October 20, 2023 | <1 min read


Dr. Eric Last, Northwell Health, NY

Patients: humbling to be with them and their loved ones through their journeys. Colleagues: always amazed by their knowledge and commitment to patients. Fam and friends: too many have been down the road. All: I have learned from each and every one. Not just medicine. Also compassion, humility, and what’s important.

Kimberly Williams, Admin Specialist, Johns Hopkins Medicine

One of my very first memories is watching my maternal great-grandmother, Pauline, be cared for at in-home hospice with end-stage cancer. I was four years old. Pauline was the first American-born in our family. She migrated with her family from Texas to Baltimore to work for Lockheed Martin.

My paternal grandmother died in hospice of leukemia when I was 19. A strong and independent woman who endured raising six boys in Baltimore City at the height of the civil rights movement, she was the foundation of our family.

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Selena Scott, cancer survivor

I’ve learned to shake hands and have a cup of tea with sad, but not to let it move in with me.

Loretta Quinn, cancer survivor

I’ve learned that it’s ok to ask for and receive help.

Natalie Boysen, cancer survivor

I’ve learned that cancer doesn’t have to define you.

Kestrel Wakefiend, cancer survivor

I’ve learned that difficult roads can lead to beautiful destinations.

David Brotman, cancer survivor

I’ve learned to enjoy every day without worrying about the next.