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It’s the start of a new school year. What’s something you hope to learn?


“I really want to learn how to knit a sweater for my boyfriend . . . errrr . . . dog.”-Dr. Colleen Christmas, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Passion in the Medical Profession | August 27, 2021 | <1 min read


Dr. Mariah Robertson, Johns Hopkins Medicine

How to set boundaries that feel right for me and are true to my journey.

Dr. Shannon Scott-Vernaglia, Mass General

Really excited to start @Wellcoaches training @MassGeneralNews this fall!

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Dr. Sarah Clever, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Excited to learn more about integrating the arts into medicine with @KamnaBalharaMD and @whole_patients as we teach Meg’s course on professional identity formation.

Dr. Chase Anderson, UCSF

How to continue setting limits around talking about discrimination and diversity.

Dr. Carl Streed Jr., Boston Medical Center

New artistic creative skill. Been eager to get my hands on a pottery wheel. Really anything that I can do with my hands so that if/when I develop dementia I can still create something.

Dr. Margaret Chisolm, Johns Hopkins Medicine

I’m learning to create REALLY beautiful potholders. Yes, THOSE potholders.

Dr. Colleen Christmas, Johns Hopkins Medicine

I really want to learn how to knit a sweater for my boyfriend . . . errrr . . . dog. That and hand-carried ultrasound for primary care and home settings.

Dr. Aline Charabaty, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Something I have been trying to accomplish since high school lol: keep my documents organized and know where everything is! Seems simple but still a struggle!

Also planning to learn to make bread bread from scratch.