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What’s something you remember from pre-pandemic times that you look forward to resuming once distancing restrictions lift?


Hugging friends and family!

Passion in the Medical Profession | May 22, 2020 | <1 min read


Carl Streed Jr, MD, Boston Medical Center

Hugging my parents, flying, and weekends in #Provincetown with @chadruba.

Mariah Robertson, MD, Johns Hopkins

Rocking out at a live show with my husband, our twice a month date tradition for the past couple of years.


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Margot Kelly-Hendrick, med student, Johns Hopkins

Hugging friends and family.

Paul Nestadt, MD, Johns Hopkins

Complaining about not having the energy to go to that dinner party.

David Kopacz, MD, University of Washington

Reading in a bustling coffee shop.

Shannon Scott-Vernaglia, MD, Mass General

Hugging people in distress. As I touched a colleague’s covered elbow last week when she was crying, I realized how much I miss hugging people to comfort.

Elizabeth Gundersen, MD, Florida Atlantic University

Laughing, eating pub food, and unleashing my competitive spirit with my husband and friends at weekly trivia night! @drjaseng @atmwyatt @JFoslovesGIM

Margaret Chisolm, MD, Johns Hopkins

Listening to live jazz @KornerKeystone.

Juliette Perzinsky, MD, Michigan

Seeing and spending time with my mother and my Godmother. I miss my routine visits and our in-person conversations!

Irene Mestores, MD, University of Florida

Accepting hugs from patients after clinic visits.