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Who’s your favorite fictional healthcare professional?


Dr. Quinn, Claire Fraser, and Hawkeye Pierce, to name a few . . .

Passion in the Medical Profession | November 10, 2022 | <1 min read


Dr. Tina Zhang, Johns Hopkins Medicine

I loved watching “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” growing up! She was a strong and compassionate woman and doctor and I was so inspired by her!

Dr. Colleen Christmas, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Dr. Hibbert from “The Simpsons.” And I grew up wanting to be Hawkeye Pierce from “MASH.”

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Dr. Jared Rubenstein

J.D. from “Scrubs.” Felt like we were going through training together. He’s so relatable.

Dr. Jeff Millstein, Penn Medicine

Dr. “Bones” McCoy from “Star Trek.” Tech savvy with good clinical instincts. Excellent at breaking bad news: “He’s dead Jim.”

Dr. Eric Last, Northwell Health

It’s a primary care doc who has a manageable panel size; adequate staff; practice level built in behavioral health, pharmacy, and social work; who never needs to pre cert anything and has time to spend with family and care for self. Wait . . you meant fictional from literature???

Dr. Margaret Chisolm, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Claire Fraser from the sweeping historical fiction/romance/fantasy time-travel series by @Writer_DG (Diana Gabaldon.) She’s a nurse, physician/surgeon, and herbalist/healer depending on options available to her in the time/place.Did I mention they tried to burn her at the stake?

Dr. Bill Bachman

Moonlight Graham in “Field of Dreams.”

Dr. Deishia McAlpine

Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery