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How do you infuse the joy of the holiday season into your clinical practice?


Decorating the clinic, displaying holiday cards, and wearing ugly sweaters!

Passion in the Medical Profession | December 6, 2019 | <1 min read


Leslie Ordal, CGC, Boise State, Idaho

I’m a big fan of lab/clinic decorations! Instead of “Elf on the Shelf,” I do “PI on the Shelf”!


Kim Williams, Admin Specialist, GIM, Johns Hopkins

Enjoying the annual General Internal Medicine holiday party and playing Christmas music while I work!

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Christy Swain, Admin Coordinator, GIM, Johns Hopkins

Putting up sparkly decorations, playing music low in the background, bringing in sweets and treats to share with coworkers. I personally use my Christmas coffee mug. And of course, greet everyone with happy holiday wishes.

Shannon Scott-Vernaglia, MD, Mass General

As a pediatrician, one of my greatest joys is receiving holiday cards each year. When the office is empty and quiet I carefully take down the last year’s cards, reflect on the beautiful journeys of my patients’ families, and then put up each new one. Watching them grow is amazing.

Scott Wright, MD, Johns Hopkins

I wear lots of green and red. When I wear my Ugly Sweater it seems to bring smiles to the faces of many in our practice.

We also come together to pick a local charity to support, and this giving creates a cohesiveness within our group.

At our holiday party, our head nurse oversees some fun games.

Shannon Meise, Senior Admin Coordinator, Geriatrics, Johns Hopkins

I am inspired by my co-workers to celebrate the holiday season by decorating and sharing childhood stories. After all, our co-workers are our second family.

Margaret Chisolm. MD, Johns Hopkins

I switch out my mugs and water bottles to those with winter and holiday themes. Love winter and snow!

Megan Hosey, PhD, Johns Hopkins

I try to catch the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s quartet in the Bloomberg Children’s Center when they come to play holiday music. Magical. Happy tears every time.

Colleen Christmas, MD, Johns Hopkins

I am keenly aware that not everyone is joyful about holidays, so I try to take a light touch in exploring the topic:

“Are you celebrating a holiday? What is your happiest memory of that holiday?”

I usually also wear silly earrings or goofy sweaters, and take advantage of the chance to tell everyone how much I appreciate them.